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Tips for Bike Rental Shops

If you’re a bike shop who offers rental bikes, there’s good news: You are the “default” model for people who come to visit your town and want to borrow a bike. That’s a big advantage over your emerging competition, namely bike shares like Citibike (NYC), and online “new economy” sharing services like Spinlister. Most tourists still begin their planning process assuming that they’ll find a bike shop and rent a bike there, either because they don’t know about their other options, or because they prefer something about your version of the bike rental experience over the others. They might find the typical bike share bikes too heavy and clunky, or they might be put off with dealing with private individuals on Spinlister. Whatever the reason, people tend to google something like “bike rentals in _____ city” and then choose a shop. And we’ve done all three – renting bikes in numerous cities, using bike shares in NYC, Chicago, Montreal, Madison (and others I’m probably forgetting), and Spinlister once in Indianapolis.

We have noticed, however, that not all bike shop rental bikes are created equal. In no particular order, here’s what can make renting a bike from your shop a better experience…


Almost no one seems to offer rental bikes with lights. They’re cheap, some of them are even hard to steal, and pretty much every single city requires them by law after dark, so… what must we assume on the part of bike shops who won’t rent bikes with lights? Do they think tourists eat dinner at 4:30 and then scurry back to their hotels? The result is always the same: the people who are least familiar with the town wind up biking after dark without lights. Kudos to Clever Cycles in Portland for offering so many bikes with primo dynamo lighting. Even battery-powered blinkies would be better than nothing…

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